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What is the Cost of NOT Getting a Home Security System?
According to the Greenwich Study of Residential Security report, homes without a security system are 2.7 to 3.5 times more likely to be subject to a burglary.
Fifty-nine percent of home burglaries occur during the day while residents are at work or at school, and homes with a lot of cover, such as from trees, fences, and gardens, are most commonly broken into. Statistics show that more than 95 percent of burglaries involve break-in by force, such as by breaking a window or door lock. In many cases, a security system could prevent homes from becoming a part of these statistics.

What is the Cost of Getting a Home Security System?
While monthly fees certainly can vary, a basic security system will cost you far less than what the average burglary will cost you. And, depending on your policy, your homeowners insurance may be reduced by up to 20 percent just because you have a security system installed in your home.

A security system may ultimately be less of an expense when you include all of the potential savings. As compared to the yearly $1,725 average loss of a burglary, you could potentially have years of home security before reaching how much you could lose from just one burglary without a security system.

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